In order to guarantee 100% self-consumption for its customers, Urban Solar has created and developed virtual storage: “THE ideal battery”.
Physical storage is still in its infancy: too expensive, limited and especially not environmentally friendly. Urban Solar believes that it is possible to bring a better profitability to photovoltaic installations if the surplus produced is used more efficiently.
During a period of high production, we can use these to supply other consumers located nearby and allow you to reuse them during periods of night or low sunlight.
Halfway between self-consumption with storage and collective self-consumption, this innovation simplifies the management of surpluses while providing an immediate economic gain without heavy investment.
Concerning the price of your virtual storage, 1 € HT per kWp* will be charged per month for a battery with no time limit. *For a 6 kWp power plant, the monthly cost is 6 € HT per month.

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