This cabinet combines a three-phase hybrid inverter in power ranges from 3.0 to 5.0 kW to store the excess energy from a photovoltaic installation in a battery, the Fronius Solar Battery.

The result: maximum self-consumption and energy independence.

During low production hours or in the absence of production, the emergency power supply function allows the household to be supplied even in the case of a power failure in the public electricity grid.
Using the integrated WLAN and Ethernet web server with graphical interface, it is possible to ot get a perfect configuration and visualization of the installation.

In addition, the DC coupling of the battery ensures maximum efficiency of the entire system.

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QHOME is the ideal solution for sustainable savings in energy costs.

This energy storage system offers a 10-year product warranty and access to an online server for an overview of Internet consumption.

This quality product combines all the features required to store solar energy for use during the night and to provide solar energy for the home at an advantageous cost.

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