Schneider Electric solution for photovoltaic self-consumption: improve the profitability of your solar installation with WISER! A “Plug & Play” solution for new and existing installations: the pre-equipped, pre-wired and pre-configured connected panel allows easy integration of sources and electrical loads with direct connection to dedicated terminal blocks: – Commissioning is simplified to the maximum – Connection to the internet box by integrated powerline module (PLC) or Ethernet cable – WISER application set at the factory – Complies with NFC 15-100 and NFC 15-712 standards – Table suitable for all types of single-phase and three-phase photovoltaic inverters (central inverter, microinverter, power optimizer). For your customers, the solution allows you to: – Minimize the electricity bill and control expenses thanks to the algorithm that automatically controls the electrical receivers – View real-time spending and earnings on the WISER app. Production and consumption data are viewable for several periods of time (day, month, year) – Benefit from the tax credit for the energy transition (CITE) and the investment premium for self-consumption Benefit from Schneider Electric’s support and guarantee.

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