KEHUA France is a French company founded in 2018 based in Marseille.

An alliance between IDSUD Energies group, specializing in the design and manufacturing of renewable energy solutions, and KEHUA TECH, a Chinese company, one of the leading manufacturers in power electronics in China for over 30 years, N°1 in UPS and N°2 in inverters.

Both groups are committed to developing the international presence of KEHUA TECH products in France, European and African markets.

KEHUA FRANCE positions itself as a real manufacturer of inverters, UPS, and complete systems, to promote exclusively the KEHUA Brand.

The brand KEHUA FRANCE provides its customers, technical adaptation of the products to the needs of their markets, and proper application of French standards, on the products, the Quality Control, Guarantees and After-sales services.

In this way, KEHUA FRANCE ensures high customer satisfaction.


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Fronius Symo Hybrid is at the heart of the Fronius Energy Package, the storage solution for “24-hour sun”. With power classes ranging from 3.0 to 5.0kw, this triple-phased inverter can temporarily store excess energy inside a specific battery, the Fronius Solar Battery. Thanks to a smart management of the energy flow, the MultiFlow technology enables AC and DC coupling of the storage systems. Which makes it THE solution for 24 hours of sun every day, even in the case of a power cut.

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