By integrating a battery into a high-performance, connected electric radiator, Lancey Energy Storage democratizes decentralized storage, an essential component of the energy transition.

Lancey’s innovative and patented solution allows you to reduce your energy bill, optimize the use of renewable energies and provide the grid with the flexibility and balancing services essential to their integration.

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En intégrant une batterie à un radiateur électrique ultra-performant et connecté, Lancey Energy Storage démocratise le stockage décentralisé, brique essentielle à la transition énergétique.

Inédite et brevetée, la solution Lancey permet de réduire sa facture énergétique, de tirer le meilleur parti des énergies renouvelables et de fournir au réseau des services de flexibilité et d’équilibrage essentiels à leur intégration.

Schneider Electric solution for photovoltaic self-consumption: improve the profitability of your solar installation with WISER! A “Plug & Play” solution for new and existing installations: the pre-equipped, pre-wired and pre-configured connected panel allows easy integration of sources and electrical loads with direct connection to dedicated terminal blocks: – Commissioning is simplified to the maximum – Connection to the internet box by integrated powerline module (PLC) or Ethernet cable – WISER application set at the factory – Complies with NFC 15-100 and NFC 15-712 standards – Table suitable for all types of single-phase and three-phase photovoltaic inverters (central inverter, microinverter, power optimizer). For your customers, the solution allows you to: – Minimize the electricity bill and control expenses thanks to the algorithm that automatically controls the electrical receivers – View real-time spending and earnings on the WISER app. Production and consumption data are viewable for several periods of time (day, month, year) – Benefit from the tax credit for the energy transition (CITE) and the investment premium for self-consumption Benefit from Schneider Electric’s support and guarantee.

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Designed to automatically use excess PV power in order to increase solar energy usage, SolarEdge’s smart energy products allow users to decrease their electricity bills and improve energy independence.

It is also possible to manually command (force) SolarEdge products to automatically launch the home appliances.

– Immersion-heater regulator technical sheet

– Energy switch technical sheet



Comwatt Power is an innovative and patented solution and the indispensable complement to any photovoltaic installation. This home energy manager works at the heart of self-consumption systems and, when coupled with solar panels, allows you to reduce your energy consumption by up to 70%.

Comwatt Power measures the energy consumption of your home appliances, remotely manages them on a manual or automated basis, and matches energy consumption to solar panel output at any given time.

Comwatt Power thus helps you reduce your reliance on public energy networks by up to 50 per cent by always choosing self-produced solar energy over other sources. Consumption monitoring allows you to avoid waste and curb consumption by up to 20% without any loss of comfort.

– Automated, easy installation

– Self-configuring optimized for each appliance

– Appliance control works according to your plan in automated or manual mode

– Equipment warranty up to 15 years

– Designed, developed and assembled in France


Comwatt is the French leader in self-consumption management and energy efficiency systems for photovoltaic installations. Since 2014, it has received 13 innovation awards and filed for 2 patents. Today, it is well-known and well-recognized by its customers, partners, and the government, for the high quality of both its product and its client relationship management.

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