MAD EnR est spécialiste des systèmes de production solaire avec stockage.
Avec sa gamme HES (Home Energy Storage), le soleil ne se couche jamais!


MAD EnR et Victron Energy ont choisi d’associer leurs savoir-faire pour proposer un boîtier intelligent tout en un qui comprend un onduleur et un système de stockage.


Il agit pour optimiser l’autoconsommation et maximiser l’utilisation de l’énergie produite par les panneaux solaires. Il est également raccordé au réseau public afin d’assurer une alimentation backup en cas de besoin. Plusieurs modèles sont proposés avec un nombre de batteries variable afin de s’adapter au mieux aux besoins énergétiques de l’habitation à équiper!


Le système plug and play offre une installation très facile et rapide et l’interface web permet un suivi en temps réel de la production et de la consommation par l’utilisateur mais aussi une maintenance à distance si nécessaire.

Pour finir, les boîtiers HES sont fabriqués en France!


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KEHUA France is a French company founded in 2018 based in Marseille.

An alliance between IDSUD Energies group, specializing in the design and manufacturing of renewable energy solutions, and KEHUA TECH, a Chinese company, one of the leading manufacturers in power electronics in China for over 30 years, N°1 in UPS and N°2 in inverters.

Both groups are committed to developing the international presence of KEHUA TECH products in France, European and African markets.

KEHUA FRANCE positions itself as a real manufacturer of inverters, UPS, and complete systems, to promote exclusively the KEHUA Brand.

The brand KEHUA FRANCE provides its customers, technical adaptation of the products to the needs of their markets, and proper application of French standards, on the products, the Quality Control, Guarantees and After-sales services.

In this way, KEHUA FRANCE ensures high customer satisfaction.


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In order to guarantee 100% self-consumption for its customers, Urban Solar has created and developed virtual storage: “THE ideal battery”.
Physical storage is still in its infancy: too expensive, limited and especially not environmentally friendly. Urban Solar believes that it is possible to bring a better profitability to photovoltaic installations if the surplus produced is used more efficiently.
During a period of high production, we can use these to supply other consumers located nearby and allow you to reuse them during periods of night or low sunlight.
Halfway between self-consumption with storage and collective self-consumption, this innovation simplifies the management of surpluses while providing an immediate economic gain without heavy investment.
Concerning the price of your virtual storage, 1 € HT per kWp* will be charged per month for a battery with no time limit. *For a 6 kWp power plant, the monthly cost is 6 € HT per month.

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The LG Chem battery’s compact and light design is one of the best in the world. This battery has been conceived to allow for easy implementation thanks to a wall-mounting system adapted to both indoor and outdoor use.

Inverter connection has also been simplified, thus reducing installation time and cost.

LG Chem puts a strong emphasis on safety and uses the same technology in this battery as in its ESS products whose security level has been certified for car batteries.

All products have received certification for appropriate global norms.

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Enphase’s mission is to take solar energy to the next level, which is to meet the energy needs of the entire planet.

To do this, the Enphase AC battery was created, which is simple to install, safe and very reliable.

It offers the lowest lifetime energy cost, both for new photovoltaic customers and for those upgrading their systems.

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Pylontech is a company founded in 2009 and a pioneer in battery storage systems.

With its own technologies, Polytech is one of the only companies that has integrated the entire lithium battery manufacturing process.

NED now offers the US2000B battery.

Its long service life, elegant design, ease of installation and implementation meet the real requirements of users and reflect Pylontech’s highest technical expertise.

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With 40 years of experience, VICTRON ENERGY has an outstanding reputation for technical innovation, reliability and quality.

The Dutch company manufactures lithium batteries, which are stronger and safer than conventional lead batteries and meet residential, tertiary and other requirements.

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Fronius Symo Hybrid is at the heart of the Fronius Energy Package, the storage solution for “24-hour sun”. With power classes ranging from 3.0 to 5.0kw, this triple-phased inverter can temporarily store excess energy inside a specific battery, the Fronius Solar Battery. Thanks to a smart management of the energy flow, the MultiFlow technology enables AC and DC coupling of the storage systems. Which makes it THE solution for 24 hours of sun every day, even in the case of a power cut.

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