NED introduces ZAPPI: a charging terminal for all PV-compatible electric vehicles. ZAPPI is a mode- 3 charging terminal, compatible with all electric vehicles in keeping with norms SAE J1172, EN62196 and EN61851.

ZAPPI works like any standard charging terminal, but it also offers several specific charging modes which can prove useful to the owner of micro-generation systems (PV power stations).

Two ECO modes automatically adapt the charging level to the local electricity production and consumption level.

The FAST mode allows ZAPPI to work just like any ordinary terminal.

To finish with, ZAPPI is eligible to the Tax Credit for Energy Transition scheme.

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With the EVlink charging station by Schneider Electric, you can provide your customers with equipment that combines ease of use, performance, aesthetics and robustness for charging their electric vehicle.

These stations can be used intensively, both inside and outside the garage.

Equipped with energy measurement capability, EVlink adapts automatically and in real time to the available power, allowing your customers not to increase their subscription and to optimize their energy consumption.

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SolarEdge’s EV-Charging single-phase inverter allows homeowners to charge their electric vehicles directly from the sun’s power, maximizing their solar energy consumption and further reducing their electricity bills.

They will also benefit from the possibility of charging their EV up to 2.5 times faster than with a standard EV charger thanks to an innovative “Solar Boost” mode that simultaneously uses the electricity grid and PV energy.

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