The LG Chem battery’s compact and light design is one of the best in the world. This battery has been conceived to allow for easy implementation thanks to a wall-mounting system adapted to both indoor and outdoor use.

Inverter connection has also been simplified, thus reducing installation time and cost.

LG Chem puts a strong emphasis on safety and uses the same technology in this battery as in its ESS products whose security level has been certified for car batteries.

All products have received certification for appropriate global norms.

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Enphase’s mission is to take solar energy to the next level, which is to meet the energy needs of the entire planet.

To do this, the Enphase AC battery was created, which is simple to install, safe and very reliable.

It offers the lowest lifetime energy cost, both for new photovoltaic customers and for those upgrading their systems.

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Pylontech is a company founded in 2009 and a pioneer in battery storage systems.

With its own technologies, Polytech is one of the only companies that has integrated the entire lithium battery manufacturing process.

NED now offers the US2000B battery.

Its long service life, elegant design, ease of installation and implementation meet the real requirements of users and reflect Pylontech’s highest technical expertise.

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With 40 years of experience, VICTRON ENERGY has an outstanding reputation for technical innovation, reliability and quality.

The Dutch company manufactures lithium batteries, which are stronger and safer than conventional lead batteries and meet residential, tertiary and other requirements.

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