The GSE PAC SYSTEM can both warm up and cool down a house.

In the winter, the system retrieves the warm air accumulated under your solar panels thanks to the  “greenhouse effect”, and optimizes its temperature if necessary thanks to its built-in heat pump.

In the summer, the heat pump reverses and acts as an air-cooler for your home while ensuring constant air renewal throughout the year.

PAC SYSTEM’s strong points are as follows:

– PAC with a COP of 4.05

– Purifies the air (suppresses 99% of allergens)

– Connected system with remote management

– Silent monobloc system

– Exists in several versions up to 24 PV modules

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Thanks to a monitoring system which works through the simple and fast connection of your GSE AIR SYSTEM box to the Internet, you now can:

– remotely control every parameter in the system

– get real-time visualization of the system while it works, access the sensors’s T°, and export curves

– give simplified access to your final client if you wish to


Don’t hesitate to ask for the creation of your webserver access at this address:

Or on the website

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R-VOLT is an installation which combines electricity production and thermal comfort. This solution enables you to retrieve warm air in the winter and bring in more cool air during summer nights. The product’s new generation, launched in 2016, can adapt to both built-in and superimposed systems.

Increase the performance of your R-VOLT system with a STOCK-R battery.

STOCK-R is a warm-air battery composed of several plates which retain a revolutionary phase-changing material that changes state according to temperature. When the temperature rises, this substance melts and absorbs the solar thermal energy, and the battery charges. When it gets cooler, the substance solidifies and slowly releases the accumulated heat.

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