Discover today the Sun Shelter by NED, a premium sun shelter combining great aesthetics and high practicality!


This innovative concept allows for energy production for either self-use or selling (total or surplus) and offers many utilization options as a garden shed, a pergola or a carport.

Its main strengths:

– A 100% European product

– Multi-application

– Compatible with all inverter and micro-inverter brands

– Emits natural light

– Compatible with charging terminals


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The LG Chem battery’s compact and light design is one of the best in the world. This battery has been conceived to allow for easy implementation thanks to a wall-mounting system adapted to both indoor and outdoor use.

Inverter connection has also been simplified, thus reducing installation time and cost.

LG Chem puts a strong emphasis on safety and uses the same technology in this battery as in its ESS products whose security level has been certified for car batteries.

All products have received certification for appropriate global norms.

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In today’s world, we all must meet two objectives: that of satisfying our global energy needs, and that of developing solutions to climate change by curbing our carbon emissions.

Sun Power has been a leading actor in the global photovoltaic industry since 1985. Sun Power photovoltaic modules are highly performant and ensure you get the highest possible energy yield in the long run. NED carries a wide range of Sunpower photovoltaic modules yielding up to 360w!

Specification documents and certificates are available on our “Download” page.